A few words from the President

“In 1992, Martine Vaccarezza, Mado Petit, Thérèse Mencaraglia and Philippe Ballerio, under the Honorary Presidency of H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, set up the association “Ecoute Cancer Réconfort” to offer help and comfort to cancer sufferers.

Since then, thanks to a devoted team, members and volunteers alike, our association has striven continuously, so that patients and their families are able to find the support – both psychological and financial – they need.

To reach our goal, in addition to our activities among patients, hospital visits, running a ” wellness centre ” and providing medical equipment, our association organises charity events and all types of recreational activities.

Please join us in our efforts so that our association is able to carry out new projects and to improve the well-being of patients and their families further.

Valérie Barilaro

By making a donation, you will help the Association to provide a listening ear to patients and to purchase high-technology equipment in order to continue to improve their comfort.


Two associations join forces to support life

Ecoute, Cancer, Réconfort and Jusqu’au Terme Accompagner la Vie (JATALV) organise a conference-debate on Thursday 30th November at 7 p.m. at the Lou Clapas amphitheatre…

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Volunteering is a commitment, a well-thought-out decision, a desire which matures deep within you, and which one day takes on a special meaning. (more…)

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Annual fee

The Association’s activities are many - to listen and to help cancer patients and their families in particular. We need dedicated members and volunteers to provide them with all the comfort necessary.


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A healing weekend in Saint Dalmas de Tende

22 June 2022

A healing weekend took place from June 17th to June19th in Saint Dalmas de Tende on Self-esteem and Self-welcoming. Through out sensorial movements and therapy dance of the 5 elements, Fabienne LEDUC made our body travel to bring awareness and wellbeing. These postures anchored in the present and self-presence resulted by joy and acceptance of ourselves, the faces lid up, the bodies let go and were relaxed. Participants regained their freedom, movement, and their creativity. A breath of fresh air in the everyday life allowed them to express themselves, exchange, motivate and link together.  

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Mars bleu 2022

3 March 2022

Mars Bleu 2022 est le mois du dépistage du cancer colorectal, le 3e cancer le plus fréquent et le 2e cancer le plus meurtrier en France, selon les chiffres de l'Institut National du Cancer. Chaque année, près de 45 000 hommes et femmes sont concernés et près de 18 000 personnes en décèdent. Les plus de 50 ans sont les plus touchés. Au cours de sa vie, 1 personne sur 30 y sera confrontée. Détecté tôt, il peut être guéri dans 90% des cas. En savoir plus

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Atelier maquillage 2022

22 February 2022

Hier lundi 21 février 2022, un atelier maquillage a eu lieu à l'Espace Mieux-Etre. Cet atelier de maquillage offert par Élodie de Precious Home Monaco qui prodigue de nombreux conseils aux patientes permet de retrouver son image et de reprendre goût à s'occuper de soi. Un regard illuminé, une belle image de soi redonnent moral et bonne humeur.    

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